Consultant Business Engineering

What is required?
MSc degree (Béta)
Recently graduated or a maximum of 2 years experience
Can quickly master complex matter and experience with modelling
You are social, result oriented and proactive
You have a top sport mentality, we are looking for talent that wants to be better than good
What will you get?
Excellent salary and working conditions
Continuous development dialogue
Strong, proud and informal culture
Working at a Great Place to Work
Legendary events

What are you going to do?

Our ambition is to help clients with digital transformation in the financial sector, retail sector and health care. We see that our customers have difficulty implementing business changes in the digital world. We, as business engineers, help them to bridge the gap between business and IT. We do this by designing, modeling and testing the changes. For this we use techniques such as Model-based engineering and Agile working.
Together with IG&H Consulting and IG&H platform services we can help our clients from strategy to building digital solutions.

Our four stage recruitment process

1. Review
Online assessment and first interview
2. Case Round
In the case round you will meet two consultants.
You will be presented with one or more issues.
3. Meet-up with partners
In the third interview you will meet two IG&H partners.
Here we look at what makes you unique.
4. Offer
We make an offer to the candidate we feel is the best fit for the role.

Working at IG&H

IG&H is active in the field of consultancy and technology. As a sector expert, IG&H focuses on Retail, Finance and Healthcare. Currently, the company has 275 committed professionals who help leading organizations realize the digital transformation to radical customer focus. IG&H has been recognized as a ‘Great Place to Work’ and has a Net Promotor Score of >60, which is considered very high.