The IG&H forest

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We believe that technology can contribute to developing innovative solutions for long term sustainability. Our corporate culture is pragmatic and action-oriented so we have started a number of initiatives both in The Netherlands and in Portugal. One of them is reducing our carbon footprint: by planting trees we will be compensating a part of our CO2 emissions AND the trees will restore the now degraded ground and ecosystem of the area.

We interviewed Susan Spruit and Adrian Ottenhoff about this unique event.  In total 20.000 trees were planted near Lisbon (Freixo do Meio).

How did you get the chance to plant trees?
IG&H launched a contest, asking us to guess the number of trees we’re planting in Portugal. The prize: a trip to help plant the trees. Our estimate came closest to the actual number, so we were the lucky ones: we got to pack our bags and go to Portugal.

What were your days in Portugal like?
We arrived in Lisbon in the morning. The tree planting event was scheduled later that day, so we had some time to explore the city center. In the afternoon, we went to the plantation, which was a one-hour drive from Lisbon. The plantation is part of a nature restoration and carbon compensation project. Before we started planting trees, we were served a delicious traditional Portuguese lunch with fresh products from the land.

Why does IG&H want to plant trees there?
The tree planting initiative contributes to our mission of reducing our carbon footprint and impacting society in a more sustainable way. We’re planting 20,000 fruit trees of 15 different species. To ensure biodiversity, the various tree species are scattered over and mixed in the fields.

That afternoon, we were joined by a few Portuguese co-workers as well as IG&H’s partner team. We learned how to plant trees and planted some ourselves. It was a good workout and we had a lot of fun. If you are ever in the Lisbon area, be sure to drop by at this incredibly inspiring place. It’s worth a visit.