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Jasmijn Haverhals | Analyst @ Digital Services

By 30 januari 2020 No Comments

You are passionate about technology. Why is that?
“In high school, I was most fascinated by science subjects. I loved that you could use formulas to simulate reality, thus answering complex questions. When majoring in Applied Mathematics, I discovered the various possibilities technology can offer us. That’s when my passion for technology was truly born. We studied forecasting and AI models, among other things, and implemented these in various sectors. I find it fascinating that one technology can offer a solution to several problems. AI models, for example, can be used to identify tumors, but they can also be used to identify bank swindlers. The many different possibilities, rapid developments, and positive impact technology can have on society make it so interesting to me.”

What made you decide to work at IG&H?
“It didn’t take long for me to realize consultancy was right up my alley. The combination of analytical skills and a targeted approach is exactly what I was looking for in a job. What I noticed, though, was that besides the analytical challenge, social relevance was important to me, too. Furthermore, I was looking for a firm that’s well-versed in technology. It was quite the search, but when I had a coffee conversation at IG&H, it quickly became clear to me: I instantly connected with the people, and there were ample technical and analytical challenges. Moreover, IG&H is a sector insider in five sectors, including healthcare. And who doesn’t want to use technology to improve healthcare in the Netherlands?”

You’ve been on board for three months… how do you look back on this period?
“It was very educational – and above all, fun. The job description stated that as an analyst, you’d learn consultancy skills on the job. That’s been absolutely true. As soon as in the second week, I was at the client’s location, and I was trusted enough to fully participate. It took some getting used to, but I quickly realized that it’s okay not to know things – there are plenty of co-workers who make time to help you. Incidentally, these co-workers aren’t hard to find: through training courses, drinks, and lunch on Fridays, I had met everyone after just one month. You also get a mentor, a buddy, and an intervision group, and you can discuss everything with them. Because of that, it’s even more accessible, and you immediately feel at home in the organization.”

Can you tell us more about the assignment you’re currently working on?
“At the moment, I’m working on the implementation of a digital transformation for a client. It’s a major project: together with the client, we’re building an entirely new ICT system with low-code technology. Besides developing the new system, we need to make sure the current ICT system keeps running, which makes it even more complex and challenging. Together with my manager, we’re responsible for keeping the ‘12-team train’ rolling. It’s a very instructive project, which helps me, a novice, experience everything involved in the implementation of major digital transformations.”

How does IG&H prepare you for your job as a consultant?
“Besides on-the-job learning, there’s the consultant development program (CDP), which teaches you everything you need to know about consultancy. The program consists of various internal and external training courses and is specifically designed for novices. Recently, for example, I took a one-day ‘Speak to Inspire’ training course, which gave us all the tools required to deliver a catchy pitch. Besides training courses, the CDP organizes regular outings, as well as a fully-fledged CDP dinner. This has allowed me to build good relationships with the other analysts in a short time – after only three months, I regularly see them outside of work, too.”