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‘car wash’ (de wasstraat)

By 29 januari 2020 No Comments

You recently started at IG&H, can you tell us more about who you are and how it has been at IG&H for so far?
My name is Nienke van Putten, and I graduated with a degree in Neuroscience from Utrecht University. Because of my affection for complex analyses to solve problems, I specialized in the direction of data science. I am part of the Data Science team of IG&H from the start of October.

It has actually been better than I expected. Many graduated students – including myself- have a fresh academic knowledge, working experience from internships or side jobs and bring a lot of new energy. However, I think graduates often lack some consultancy expertise. When I started at IG&H as a junior data scientist, I thought that this would be an issue for me at my first projects. Luckily, it was not!

How would you describe the onboarding? And what are the main things you learned from it?
A main component of the onboarding is a training that consists of three days, in which all new colleagues are introduced to the (IG&H) principles of consulting. Since we love analogies at IG&H, this training is called the ‘car wash’ (in Dutch: de wasstraat). In the first two days, called the ‘prewash’, we received training on all elements of the IG&H way of working. By this, we were optimally prepared, ‘clean’, and ready for the ‘main wash’.

On this last day, we applied and practiced these skills on a real case. The focus was not only on content, but on the process of projects and human aspects as well. This included training on content to deliver high quality solutions, through subjects such as analytical problem solving and the pyramid principle. There was also focus on monitoring the process during the project, by structuring starters, project checks, and schedules. In addition, we improved our people skills, by training on aspects such as stakeholder management, resistance, and feedback.

It was useful to apply these skills on a case, present the outcomes to a client and get continuous feedback. Many aspects of a project were covered and that gave me more confidence and insights in the way of working. I was ready to shine after this car wash!