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My name is Jolanda Burgers and I work as a manager in the Business Engineering team. As a manager I am mainly responsible for business development and all people related activities. Our team is the linking pin between the Business and IT and one of my main tasks is to align our propositions with our sector teams and the market.

You have a passion for innovation. Why is that?
For me, innovation means inventing and launching a new product or service based on research. I have always been someone who is very curious and eager to learn. That is why I aspire to explore and create new ideas that add value and execute those ideas. I have worked in the events industry for over eight years and visiting events is something I love to do. The many speaker sessions I attended and the new people I have met over the years gave me a lot of inspiration and new insights. I firmly believe that if you want to create an innovative mindset you need to look for inspiration from outside and be open to other thoughts and ideas in order to combine these ideas into your own solutions.

I wanted to enhance my knowledge about this topic. So I started to look into a study program that I could combine with my job at IG&H. When I found out the ESCP Business School, the eldest Business School in Europe, offered this cool program that teaches the latest insights on digital innovation and that I would be able to travel to three different continents to learn from various inspiring entrepreneurs, I was sold!

You recently started your Executive Masters in Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurial Leadership, what is the program like so far?
Last month I started my first module at the ESCP campus in Berlin. Two weeks of full-time onsite education were a fantastic learning experience. I meet twelve international students from all over the world, who all work in different industries. We had interactive lectures, including group assignments from professors, experts, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Furthermore we were able to adopt different perspectives on digital innovation and entrepreneurship at a rapid pace.

The first two weeks were really intense and I returned back home energized and inspired. Soon after that, the idea was born to share my learnings through a vlog campaign.

What can IG&H learn from your experience so far?
What I learned during my first module is that there are two different entrepreneurship practices on how to deal with uncertainty; the so called causal (management) principles vs. the effectuation (effectual) principles. Within IG&H we do help our clients with end-to-end transformations. Our clients in the finance, health and retail sectors all face high levels of uncertainty because no one knows what the future in those sectors will hold exactly. The covid-19 crisis increases the urge to transform to innovative digital platforms. Acknowledging that change and uncertainty is here to stay, we have to change our own mindset and adopt a different way of entrepreneurship within IG&H, in order to reduce this uncertainty and help our clients now and in the future. How can you apply this so called ‘’effectuation’’ practice?

What can people expect from your vlog series on Innovation?
My goal with this vlog series is to transfer my knowledge about digital innovation and entrepreneurship in a way that will inspire others.

Every two weeks I will publish a new vlog. If you want to hear more about this topic,  I invite you to follow me on my journey!

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