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Art thinking | Jolanda’s innovation Experiment

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My name is Jolanda Burgers and I work as a manager in the Business Engineering team. As a manager I am mainly responsible for business development and all people related activities. Our team is the linking pin between the Business and IT and one of my main tasks is to align our propositions with our sector teams and the market. My goal with this vlog series is to transfer my knowledge about digital innovation and entrepreneurship in a way that will inspire others.

Every two weeks I will publish a new vlog. If you want to hear more about this topic,  I invite you to follow me on my journey!

Art thinking
I believe that the art thinking method will help entrepreneurs to not only become more creative, but also to find out their why.  So they are able to confront the status quo and come up with more creative ideas that are extremely important to survive as an entrepreneur or business in this uncertain world.

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Jolanda Burgers
E: jolanda.burgers@igh.com

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